Lindab Thor Duct ® Smoke Extract Ductwork

Smoke is recognised as the major killer during fire outbreaks. It can spread quickly to nearby buildings that are quite remote from the original blaze, threatening life and damaging property. Stairwells and elevator shafts frequently become smoke logged, blocking evacuation routes and preventing firefighters and other rescue teams from doing their critical jobs. Lindab Thor Duct ® Smoke Extract ductwork is a key component of a fire strategy, by safely funnelling smoke out of a building.

Insulation is a factor preventing flashover

Exhausting smoke from a fire creates a potential flashover risk in compartments other than the fire compartment. As part of the EN tests, insulation can help prevent flashover.

Fire-rated insulation ensures that the temperature measured, outside in Type A and inside in Type B, does not exceed 140ºC mean average above ambient during the test, and is deemed automatically failed if any thermocouple rises to 180ºC.

The inclusion of insulation during fire testing means that the system becomes the product. Use of untested combinations of duct and insulation is not permitted without completing a full test programme.

Compliance with EN Code

Lindab Thor Duct ® Smoke Extract ductwork is comprehensively tested to comply with CEN standard, hEN 12101-7 which has been in place throughout the EU since July 2013.

Fully Tested

Lindab Thor Duct ® Smoke Extract is tested in a flexible wall and is suitable for


All Lindab Thor Duct ® Smoke Extract systems are installed under third party certification (Firas) as per DW144. Specifying and choosing Thor Duct ® Smoke Extract will provide a tested, compliant solution.

Product Sizes

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All Lindab Thor Duct ® products are fully tested and compliant across all international codes.

Additional Information

  • Lindab Thor Duct ® is manufactured from Galvanised Steel, and uses flanges and stiffeners, without paints or coatings.
  • Lindab Thor Duct ® is insulated using a calcium magnesium silicate blanket.

Both the product and the insulation have been tested as a system in accordance with test standards which includes access doors, silencers and bracketry.

All tests were conducted in EOTA approved laboratories, and each licensed manufacturing location has a factory production control (FPC) in placed to ensure exacting standards of manufacture.

You can be 100% sure that your installation has been properly managed and is fit for purpose when called upon in the event of a fire.

  • Penetration seal detail is provided for floors and walls. Lindab Thor Duct ® is suitable for installation in flexible walls (Plasterboard) and aerated concrete floors, having been tested in both.
  • Our installers in Ireland and the UK comply with local guidance and are all members of third party certification schemes.
  • In mainland Europe, installers comply with certification schemes where available.