Lindab Thor Duct ® is the result of 15 years worth of research and development by our team of professionals who are dedicated to saving lives. Our vision is for every building to be safe, and every ventilation system to mitigate the risks associated with fire. We constantly refine our products, to ensure that our ventilation ducts meet the fire codes, and always perform when called upon in an emergency.

The Lindab Thor Duct ® products are made by people who love what they do, which is ensuring our customers have the highest possible protection from fire risks, day in, day out. Our ventilation systems are the most extensively tested in the world, and significantly reduce fire risks to human life.

We invest considerably in education for our licensees and develop dynamic partnerships and long-lasting relationships with all professionals in the market. Follow us on LinkedIn if you would like to keep informed about the latest thinking and developments in fire ducting, smoke extraction, and total EN compliance.

Safe buildings, delivered.
That is our promise to you.