Lindab Thor Duct ® is a complete fire ductwork system, tested to the latest EN standards. The result of 15 years worth of research and development, Lindab Thor Duct ® is suitable for:

Thanks to Lindab Thor Duct, we understood the importance of smoke and fire ductwork, how to make it and price it and how to answer all of our customers' questions.

Fully Compliant Specification​

By using Lindab Thor Duct ® Complete Fire Duct Systems you can be sure your specification will meet the EN standards for fire safety EN12101-7, EN1366-1 EN1366-8.

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Lindab Thor Duct ® Complete Fire Duct Systems

Suitable for single EN 1366-9 and multi EN 1366-8 applications. Classified to EN 13501-4 with options for 60 or 120 minute systems. Test vertically and horizontally, fire types A and B, at 1500pa. Classified S for leakage.
Classified to EN 13501-3. Comprehensively tested to satisfy all code requirements. Thor Duct ® Cleaning Doors have been tested to EN 1366-1 and are suitable for kitchen extracts.
Thor Duct ® is designed and rigorously tested to meet the ventilation fire risks that buildings are susceptible to. Individual products within the range are tailored to the specific fire risk your company is trying to prevent.

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