Becoming a Lindab Thor Duct ® Licensed Manufacturer launched UK duct company, Mersey Vent into a real growth spurt, according to Director Leon Baker. Baker was one of the founders of the company and in 2015, Mersey Vent saw an opportunity to expand the business by adding fire rated duct work to its portfolio.

The company seized the chance to become a Lindab Thor Duct ® Licensed Manufacturer, and Baker says they have no regrets because it has given them a clear advantage over their competition and it has allowed them to expand to take on larger projects.

"It’s an extremely good market-leading product, and it has opened so many doors for us," Baker explained. "Fire rated ductwork is such a unique product; it is truly a unique selling point and gives us an extra edge over our competitors."

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Photo Credit:

Mersey Vent is currently working on a fantastic project – a new cancer treatment centre at Clatterbridge Hospital in Liverpool, England. Landing this project was a victory for Mersey Vent. The original Clatterbridge Hospital opened in 1958 as a purpose-built radiotherapy treatment centre. It is being redeveloped into a state-of-the-art, 11 storey, comprehensive cancer centre for the 21st century. Mercy Vent’s role in this multi-million public sector project is almost finished, and the cancer centre is due to open in 2020. Given the vital importance of providing the very best for patients whose immune systems are weakened by their battle with cancer, ventilation must be the absolute best available. And of course, it must offer the ultimate protection against fire and smoke. Being able to offer Lindab Thor Duct ® gave Mersey Vent the edge in winning the contract for this critical work

"Lindab Thor Duct ® opens doors for us to unique projects,” Baker said. “We would never have picked up that job (Clatterbridge Cancer Centre) without Lindab Thor Duct ®.”

About Mersey Vent

Founded in 2009, Mersey Vent is a ventilation and ductwork manufacturer and installer that has grown rapidly to become one of the leading providers in the United Kingdom. Based in Widnes, just outside of Liverpool, the company has close to 100 staff members. Mersey Vent prides itself on providing an efficient and friendly service using the newest technologies to provide superior ventilation solutions in the commercial and industrial sectors. They have a great track record with projects in the medical and hospitality and tourism niches.

Mersey Vent specialises in ducting, ventilation, air conditioning, fume extraction and heat recovery. Their staff of fully qualified sheet metal workers use the latest CNC plasma profiling and CNC folding machines. They also provide supply and full installation to D/W 144 specifications. With safety of paramount importance, adding a top quality, fire-rated ducting product has been a crucial step in growing their business and their reputation.

As the company has grown, they’ve continually invested in the latest developments to provide a superior product. Offering top quality fire-rated ductwork has enabled the company to expand and thrive in a competitive market. Focusing on projects within the UK, they’ve landed some high-profile work right in the greater Liverpool area where they are based.

“It adds to the professionalism of your company,” Baker explained when asked about the benefits of being a Lindab Thor Duct ® Licensed Manufacturer. “It keeps us competitive.”

Getting Started with Lindab Thor Duct ®

Once Mersey Vent had set their sights on becoming a Lindab Thor Duct ® Licensed Manufacturer, they got to work preparing. Because Lindab Thor Duct ® fire rated duct work is a high spec product, the licensees who work with it must meet stringent standards. Mersey Vent was already an ambitious brand that had high standards, but according to Baker, even they had to do a little bit more in order to meet Lindab Thor Duct’s requirements.

The European standard (EN) that has superseded the older BS standard involves not only more testing, but more stringent testing. While the BS standard required ductwork to retain 75% of its integrity, the EN standard demands 90%. Improved smoke extraction is also required.

Some contractors might feel that keeping costs as low as possible and only meeting the absolute minimum requirements is the way to win more work. The problem with that is that human lives are at stake. Fire safety is not a luxury. That’s why Lindab Thor Duct ® is so strongly and unshakeably committed to providing a superior product through licensees that meet our own stringent requirements.

“It’s a rigorous process to get accredited,” said Baker. “We have to follow a strict criteria to have our manufacturing plant approved. It took a good few months to prepare the plant and train the staff, but it has been so worth it.”

Mersey Vent invested in new spiral and fitting machines, and the staff received specialised training from the Lindab Thor Duct ® team. When a company becomes a licensee, both sides commit to making it a success. Lindab Thor Duct ® provide excellent CPD and training to ensure that the staff and team in the licensee operation become experts in our fire-rated duct work. When everyone involved fully understands how to work with the product and why it is such a valuable component of a building project, it means solid teamwork can lay a strong foundation for ongoing growth.

So after all that, when did they start to see the benefits of becoming a Lindab Thor Duct ® Licensed Manufacturer?

“Straight away!” Baker confirmed, “Becoming a Lindab Thor Duct ® licensee has been a game changer for our business.”

Growing Their Reputation with Lindab Thor Duct ®

Since becoming a Lindab Thor Duct ® Licensed Manufacturer, Mersey Vent has seen fantastic growth. They have completed large-scale, high-profile projects that are sure to fuel further growth for them. Offering the best fire-rated duct work available is a strong selling point. Nothing breeds success like success!

Here are some of the projects completed since becoming a Lindab Thor Duct ® Licensed Manufacturer:

  • John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford
    This is Oxfordshire’s main Accident and Emergency Department, and it includes a children’s hospital and major centres for heart and women’s health. Air quality is critically important in a hospital setting.
  • Manchester Airport
    Mersey Vent provided ducting for Pier 2 and the link. This international airport is a busy, crowded place where safety is a primary concern.
  • RAF High Wycombe
    A project of this significance demonstrates the quality of the duct work and the team installing it.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Silverstone
    This sleek new hotel is due to open in 2020. Midway between Birmingham and London, it is situated near a technology park. As part of a premier global brand, standards are high in all regards.
  • Grand Central Hotel Birmingham
    Part of a massive redevelopment, this landmark hotel in the Bloc portfolio was designed for the tech savvy and budget conscious modern traveller. It marks a critical phase for Bloc’s growth, so their confidence in Mersey Vent and Lindab Thor Duct ® speaks volumes.
Hilton Garden Inn Silverstone - Photo Credit:

As of Q4 2019, the Mersey Vent team is hard at work at the Liverpool Football training complex. We’re not sure if they are getting any football tips from the team while there, but what a great opportunity for a behind the scenes peek! All kinds of doors do open for Lindab Thor Duct ® Licensed Manufacturers.

If your HVAC company is ready to grow and eager to see more doors open with higher value contracts, then it is time to become a Lindab Thor Duct ® Licensed Manufacturers and offer the best possible compliance approved fire duct work.

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