Miesian Plaza Case Study

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Private office development in Baggot street.
Miesian Plaza, Baggot Street, Dublin 2.

Miesian Plaza

Thor Duct ® was selected as the product of choice for the buildings smoke extract system to the new standard EN 12101-7. In an effort to value engineer the project, and meet the completion dates, Thor Duct ® brought together the various trades that interact, namely the framing people, the builder, the fire stoppers and the ductwork contractors. A series of benchmarks were developed that were signed off and became the reference point for all trades as they installed the fire protection throughout the building. The result was agreement early on, and a minimisation of friction, and a significant reduction in snagging issues.

Reduced Costs

In order to reduce costs, a dedicated fire shaft was designed into the building envelope for the purpose of carrying smoke extract through certain portions of the building. The cost saving contributed to the project being delivered on time and within budget.

Standards were maintained, competence was demonstrated by all parties, and costs were controlled.

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