Lindab Thor Duct ® Kitchen Extract Ductwork

Kitchen extract poses a specific risk due to the presence of combustible contaminants, namely grease, inside the ductwork. When a kitchen extract passes through multi-compartments, there is a risk from a fire in a compartment outside the kitchen. This can cause the grease inside the duct to ignite, and the fire to spread throughout the building.

Compliance with EN 1366-1

Includes testing ducts under “Type A” fire, with measuring devices thermocouples inside the ductwork and inside the furnace, under full 1100°C temperatures.

The insulated ductwork is examined to see how many minutes it can maintain the duct temperature below 180°C on any one thermocouple, or below 140°C as a mean average of all thermocouples.


Lindab Thor Duct ® Kitchen Extract is insulated using a calcium magnesium silicate blanket which maintains the duct temperature below 180°C and prevents grease igniting and causing fire to spread throughout the building.

Lindab Thor Duct ® is installed with two wraps of insulation, each wrap with a depth of 38mm.

Lindab Thor Duct ® Cleaning Doors EN 1366-1

Lindab Thor Duct ® Cleaning Doors have been tested to EN 1366-1 and are suitable for kitchen extracts. Cleaning doors are required every 2 linear meters. We strongly recommend a routine cleaning regime by specialist contractors.

Compliance with EN Code

Lindab Thor Duct ® Kitchen Extract is comprehensively tested to satisfy all code requirements.

Fully Tested

Lindab Thor Duct ® Kitchen Extract is tested in a flexible wall with:


All Lindab Thor Duct ® Kitchen Extract systems are installed by third party certified installers and are suitable for installation in:

Product Sizes

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All Lindab Thor Duct ® products are fully tested and compliant across all international codes.

Additional Information

  • Lindab Thor Duct ® is manufactured from Galvanised Steel, and uses flanges and stiffeners, without paints or coatings.
  • Lindab Thor Duct ® is insulated using a calcium magnesium silicate blanket.

Both the product and the insulation have been tested as a system in accordance with test standards which includes access doors, silencers and bracketry.

All tests were conducted in EOTA approved laboratories, and each licenced manufacturing location has a factory production control (FPC) in placed to ensure exacting standards of manufacture.

You can be 100% sure that your installation has been properly managed and is fit for purpose when called upon in the event of a fire.

  • Penetration seal detail is provided for floors and walls.  Lindab Thor Duct ® is suitable for installation in flexible walls (Plasterboard) and aerated concrete floors, having been tested in both.
  • Our installers in Ireland and the UK comply with local guidance and are all members of third party certification schemes.
  • In mainland Europe, installers comply with certification schemes where available.